You are currently viewing Kids Photography – Adi & Ansu – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai

Kids Photography – Adi & Ansu – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai

Adi and Ansu Sibling Photography session and Sitter Photoshoot


Hi I am Ritika Sawhney – One of the Top rated Baby photographers in Thane, Mumbai.

This Blog is about sibling’s photography session and sitter (a 3 years old girl) portrait which I had done outdoor.


Total Shoot Management

Shoot type – Outdoor Shoot included sibling’s photography session and sitter portrait

Place – Outdoor photoshoot at a beautiful lush green garden in my apartment.

Duration- it was a 3 hrs. photoshoot

Participants – 5 years old & 3 years old sisters

Shoot requirements – High end DSLR camera & lenses, plenty of Props, a cheerful, friendly & classy photographer – Ritika Sawhney



About Ansu

Ansu our sitter model was a cute little calm girl. She was very fond of fairytales and wanted to look like one in her pictures. So her wish was granted J and believe me, she looked like a beautiful fairy with that attire and those cute little props around her. And as you all can see, that sweet smile on her face was icing on the cake.


About the Siblings Adi and Ansu

These sisters together made a great duo. I had a blast clicking these two. They were so much in love with each other, that both of them couldnt stop hugging and kissing each other. Their bond made every photography more impactful.


Props I Used

For few pictures I chose princess theme for the younger one. So I used a princess dressing table in bright pink colour and made the younger one wear a beautiful subtle pink dress. I had also used some fairy toys and of course our 3 years old model in between looked like one too.  Used some baskets, soft toys and some flowers for the duo.


I started the photo session with individual clicks of the younger one. Made her pose with the princess dressing table set first. Her calm expressions totally complimented the images. Then we did a photo session with fairy toys by placing them around the baby. That actually looked like a fairy herself surrounded by her small fairy friends.  Then came some poses with girls favorite soft toys- a teddy bear.

After her shoot, we did a sibling session, where I chose a swimming pool area to get some fun clicks. They laughed, giggled, teased together, making the pictures so much lively and adorable. 


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