You are currently viewing Cake Smash Photography – Ivaan – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai

Cake Smash Photography – Ivaan – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai

Ivaan Cake smash, Close-ups & Family Portrait

Hi I am Ritika Sawhney – One of the Top rated Baby photographers in Mohali- Punjab.

This Blog is about Ivan’s cake smash photography session and family portrait which I had done indoor and outdoor on the occasion of his 1st Birthday.


Total Shoot Management

Shoot type – Indoor Shoot included Baby turning 1 Cake Smash Fun & Outdoor Shoot included Family Portrait

Place – Indoor photo-shoot at my studio in Thane and an outdoor photo-shoot at the club house.

Duration- It was a 4 hrs photo-shoot

Participants – 1-year-old baby Boy & parents

Shoot requirements – High end DSLR camera & lenses, plenty of Props, a beautiful backdrop, a cheerful, friendly & classy photographer – Ritika Sawhney

About Ivaan

Ivaan our charming handsome baby boy who couldnt stop smiling gave some adorable poses while smashing his cake.

Ivaan definitely had a blast smashing his cake and he did it so well, if you could see it in my pictures.

He was a friendly happy baby who was in love with the twinkle twinkle song and that is why I decided to keep a theme of stars and moon which actually made him more excited.

He and his family made the cake smash session so much fun.

About Ivan’s Family

Ivan’s mother and father both were as excited and charming as Ivaan.

They joined me in singing songs and talking to Ivaan during his cake smash and we all could not stop laughing seeing Ivaan playing and smashing around with the cake so well.

Mum and paa were very calm and patient during the family shoot and kept that sweet smile on while the shoot.

Props I Used

Because Ivan’s favorite poem was Twinkle Twinkle, I decided to keep a theme of hand made Stars and Moon, on a blue background of course. I had also used some blue balls to make the theme a little more fun for the boy and also thought that he could play around with them.

The big blue balls and those shiny silver stars surely made him sit there without any distractions J The cake that I chose for Cake Smash is again blue in color (color dedicated to boys) I made sure that the cake could match the theme some how, so I asked my baker to add some stars with Ivan’s name on them. It turned out to be a cute starry chocolate cake and Ivaan loved it too.

I started the photo session with individual clicks of our adorable baby Ivaan, without the cake so that he gets comfortable and settles down.

A few minutes later Ivaan was dressed up for his cake smash session. I have realized that babies being topless for their session are much happier smashing the cake rather than covering them from head to toe.

Therefore you could see Ivaan only with his shorts on, in the pictures.

After the cake smash session got over, we went outdoor to start with the family photo-shoot. Started with some basic poses and then some shots with the props.

It was an absolute fun clicking them.



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