Arrival of a Newborn baby in your family is a Big & a Life-changing event. It marks new beginnings, new family, new Life. Thus it is 1 of the most photographed Family occasion.

So, Why should you decide to book it with “Mommy The Photographer” – Ritika Sawhney ?

  • Huge Value for Money – I deliver Amazing Pictures in an economical budget range.
  • Convenience of getting the Shoot done at your own Home (For very minimal charges) – Managing a newborn is not an easy task! Not getting a full night Sleep & packing all those nappies/wipes/nappy bags/bibs/feeds/dummies/hats/back-up outfits could be exhausting.
  • Relaxed Session – My sessions are never rushed, and while I’m concentrating on photographing your newborn or toddler, I give each and every Individual of the family time to settle down & relax
  • Experience – Check out my previous work
  • 5 Star rated reviews – Check out Google Reviews (Ritika is a Photographer with 5 Star reviews)
  • Friendly communication – Extremely accommodating
  • Extremely Patient with babies
  • I am myself a Mother to a beautiful baby girl
  • I have a separate  space to manage baby feeding
  • I offer Family Shoot at a very reasonable additional cost of 2K
  • I have good Creativity & good variety of Props
  • I am trained & equipped with good Photoshop Editing skills
  • I am equipped with variety of Newborn Photography Props– Baby Wraps, Wooden baskets, Wooden Beds, Wooden Airplane, Buckets, Flowers, Baby Hat, Head Bands & Bows, Wooden crate, Paper symbols, suitcase, Buntings, Quilt, tutu, Air Balloons, Wooden Chair, Toys & Bean bag
  • I do variety of Newborn Poses- Back Pose, Side Pose, Tummy Pose, Small details, Close ups, Wrapped pose, Chins on Hand Pose, Swaddled Pose, With Family & Siblings
  • I invite Parents to feel at ease & act as a support during the session
  • I have mastered the art of newborn photography under natural/ambient/continuous light through DSLR

New Born Photography - FAQs

Newborn sessions Time frame? Between 7-14 days old. Older than 2 weeks is also possible but babies sleep  better during first 1-2 week of birth.

  1. How long does the newborn session take? Things you can do to prepare. Each session is different. Average session time = 2-3 hours. A lot is dependent on baby’s needs. We will have to stop for feedings, soothing, and changing periodically. To make your session run smoothly, Feed Babies 30 mins before the session – with a full belly, babies sleep much better and thus the session is quicker, Also to burp post feeding is essential.  Make sure baby’s outfit is easily removable with out disturbing them too much. Have the following ready:  extra bottles of milk (even if you are breastfeeding), gas drops, pacifiers, diapers and wipes.

  2. What is your rescheduling policy if baby is sick?  Please contact the studio ASAP, for new session dates.

  3. How far in advance should I book my session? Schedule session around second trimester to ensure availability of spots for your baby.

  4. How do you pose and will my baby be comfortable during the session? Ritika Sawhney is an experienced and trained newborn photographer and has photographed babies for past 3 years. Her main concern is to do everything to make baby safe and comfortable. 

  5. Do I need to arrange for my own props? Feel free to bring any special prop for your session. But you do not have to bring a single prop if you don’t want to. We have tons of props for newborn photography

  6. How much does a newborn session cost?  Please contact for Pricing and Package Details  – Ritika Sawhney (9958054444)