When your adorable little one gives out his-her first smile, your heart skips a beat.                       

 Trust me, there is nothing more precious than this.” ~  Ritika Sawhney ~ 

Baby Photography Gurgaon-Delhi : Ritika Sawhney

  1.  Ritika Sawhney is an expert Baby Photographer based out of Gurgaon- Haryana, DLF Phase 5.
  2. Baby Photography is done for Babies in the age group of  3 to 5 Months 
  3.  In the sequence of Photography for Babies, post Baby’s birth:
    1. 1st – Newborn at Hospital (1st 5 days)
    2. 2nd – Newborn (1st Month)
    3. 3rd – Baby Photography (3-5 Months)
    4. 4th – Sitter Photography (6 Months+)
    5. 5th – Cakes Smash at 1st Birthday
  4.  Ritika Sawhney is an expert at different types of Baby Photography:
    1. With Props
    2. Theme Setups
    3. Hair Styles
    4. Innovative Sketching on the Photograph
    5.  Close Up shots
    6. Picture with Baby’s Name 
    7. Black & White
    8. Cute Poses
    9. With Parents, Siblings or Family
  5. Ritika is an expert managing the following:
    1. Create the best lighting for your baby
    2. Find a time to shoot that fits with your baby’s schedule
    3. Baby ready before you start shooting
    4. Keeps the baby properly  supported on set
    5. Uses Cheering, toys or songs to catch your baby’s attention and Smile
    6. Take pictures from above to get the best shots and closeups
  6. Ritika has a good variety of Props to get variety of different Pictures
    1. Backdrops
    2. Themes
    3. Toys
    4. Wooden Props 

Baby Photography - FAQs

Location for Baby & Family photography sessions ? On Client location in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Dwarka and surroundings.

Best Age for Baby photography ? 3 to 5 Months for Baby Photography session.

 Time of session during the day ?  Afternoon 2 PM / Morning 11 AM. We can also work around baby’s nap time, post discussion.

Are props included in the session? Yes! All props for the session are included. 

Can family jump in a few pictures with the baby? Of course! Family / Sibling pictures are always encouraged and welcomed. 

How about wardrobe, can you help me with picking what is best?  I work very closely with my clients to make sure you are comfortable with your wardrobe selections, and give any guidance needed. 

How many pictures do i get for the session ?  15-20 edited Images, 400-500 Non-edited.

Are the images retouched? Yes, 15-20 images as per package will be retouched.  

When will the final edited pictures get delivered ? Within 2-3 Weeks from the date of Shoot

Do you offer any discounts for Baby Photography? Yes on few occasions – Please Call to check !