You are currently viewing Cake Smash Photography – Ovee – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai

Cake Smash Photography – Ovee – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai

Hi I am Ritika Sawhney – One of the Top rated Baby photographers in Mohali- Punjab.

This Blog is about Ovees cake smash photography session and bath tub fun which I had done indoor on the occasion of his 1st Birthday.

Total Shoot Management

Shoot type – Indoor Shoot included Baby turning 1 Cake Smash Session & Bath Tub Fun

Place – Indoor photo-shoot at my studio in Thane

Duration- It was a 3 hrs photo-shoot

Participants – 1-year-old baby Girl

Shoot requirements – High end DSLR camera & lenses, plenty of Props, a beautiful backdrop, a cheerful, friendly & classy photographer – Ritika Sawhney

About Ovee

Ovee our cute little baby girl just turned one, 15 days before the shoot. She gave some pretty expressions during the shoot and was very happy smashing her cake.

The best part of the shoot was when she kept smashing it till the end.

Her excitant could be seen constantly on her face during the session. Not just the smash but bath tub fun was an other level excitement for her.

She danced and splashed the water so much, even all of us were enjoying watching her having fun.

Props I Used

For Cake Smash Session and Bath Tub Fun I kept a pink and Red theme for Ovee.

We decided to make her wear a pretty red dress  that goes well with a pink colour backdrop. I also added some handmade red heart shapes on the backdrop to give it a valentine look.

Asked my baker to add hearts on the pink cake too.

The whole setup with pink colour and red hearts all around looked very girlish and cute, exactly matching to our models personality.

I also, added a mini toy who was again in red for the bath tub session to give it a fun and kido look.


I started the photo session with individual clicks of our adorable baby Ovee without the cake so that she gets comfortable and settles down.

A few minutes later Ovee was dressed up in a very pretty red dress for her cake smash session.

She smashed the cake so well that not even a single piece of cake could be seen stacked on the cake trey. It was all-around the place.

After the cake smash session got over, we got the bath tub ready for her with small duck toys, warm water and lots of foam to play with.

It was a complete pleasure to watch her play with water. It was so much fun.


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