Maternity Photography Gurgaon -Delhi : Ritika Sawhney

  1. Photography which captures the beauty of Pregnancy or maternity in it’s 28 to 34 Weeks
  2. It celebrates the joy of welcoming a new member into the family
  3. Opportunity to announce to the World and relatives about a soon coming little one
  4. Capturing life’s milestones. Whether you are expecting for the 1st time or the 5th, having and remembering these moments is an incredible opportunity
  5. Why should one get Maternity Photography done ?
    1. Beauty of bringing out a new life
    2. Flaunt your round belly and feel great about it !
    3. Beautiful Memories !
    4. Fun & Creative
    5. Chance to bond with your Partner
    6. Once it’s gone – it’s gone
    7. Hiring a Professional photographer can bring out different Poses, Elegance & Glow
  6. Maternity Poses:
    1. Mom Alone
    2. Dad with Belly
    3. Props & Accessories
    4. Outdoor – bare belly
    5. Wardrobe – Maternity Gown
    6.  Fun with Family
    7. Fun with Spouse
  7. Things to take care during your Maternity photography
    1. Pick the right time – 28 to 34 Weeks Pregnant 
    2. Wear something Beautiful
    3. Shoot both Indoor & Outdoor
    4. Shoot with significant other and Family
  8. Maternity photography dresses
  9. Maternity Photography session FAQs
    1. Best time to book a maternity session? Book  well in advance. Best photos are taken between 28-34 weeks pregnant.
    2. Length of a maternity session? 3-4 hours.
    3. Where do maternity sessions take place?  Indoor-studio, Outdoor -on location or  both! 
    4. Is Family able to participate ? Yes, If the Family package is opted.
    5. Turn around time for delivering photographs? 2-3 weeks after photography session.
    6. What should I bring to a maternity session?  You are welcome to bring anything you wish – Teddy bears, sonogram, baby booties, etc. 
    7. What about stretch marks and extra weight ? We understand that you may be concerned about the stretch marks, so removing any blemishes, including stretch marks where needed through flattering poses, camera angle and Photoshop retouching skills are all complimentary as part of your session. Just let us know what your concerns  and We’ll take care of them.
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