You are currently viewing Baby & Family Photography – Tanush – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai

Baby & Family Photography – Tanush – By Ritika Sawhney – Thane / Mumbai


                 3 months baby boy photoshoot- siblings and family portrait

Hi I am Ritika Sawhney – One of the Top rated Baby photographers in Thane, Mumbai.

This Blog is about sibling’s photography session, baby boy (3 months old) photoshoot and family portrait which I had done indoor & outdoor.


Total Shoot Management

Shoot type – Indoor Shoot included 3 months old baby boy and sibling photography & Outdoor Shoot included sibling’s photography session and Family portrait

Place – Indoor photoshoot was done at my home studio, Outdoor photoshoot was done in a beautiful lush green garden in my apartment.

Duration- it was a 2 days. Photoshoot one day dedicated to the 3 months old baby boy and the other day for siblings and family.

Participants – 3 months old baby boy, elder brother who was 3 years old and family members.

Shoot requirements – High end DSLR camera & lenses, plenty of Props, backdrops, a cheerful, friendly & classy photographer – Ritika Sawhney


About the Siblings Tanush and Dhroov

3 months old baby boy Tanush was a calm cute little baby whereas his elder brother was a naughty brother and couldnt settle down at one place. This combination of clam and naughtiness was fun to capture.  On the other hand their bond made every photograph more impactful.


About the Family

For the family portrait we had the mother, father, both borthers and their daadu.


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