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Newborn Photography Tips for the perfect shoot!

Here are few tips that had helped me and I am sure will be helpful for anyone who is eager to learn about newborn photography. Yes, each and every photographer you come across will have a different style of doing things but below are some of the points that I have compiled after learning through the years as a newborn photographer.

1. Baby is your inspiration!
Inspiration is everywhere, whether it s cute dimple, a head filled with hair, big beautiful eyes, tiny little puffed nose, full pinky lips. The best pictures can be clicked when you try and highlight the beauty of the baby. Trust me, beautiful images are truly inspired by the uniqueness of each baby. Just be in that moment when the baby yawns or stretch. Do not stress over having a perfect pose in every frame.


2. Be Open and Flexible, Don’t Give up!
Always remember that despite of you being a parent, your baby is still the boss regardless of how much control you pretend you have. The same happens for a newborn photography session. It might be possible many a times that despite you have tried everything, the baby still doesn’t wont to go to sleep for posing. Don’t stop there and keep shooting. Take some lifestyle shots. Be Open and flexible to capture all the moments of the baby. Try and swaddle the baby and make eye contact. Capture images of mommy talking to the baby, rocking the baby. Things doesn’t always go as planned but you never know, you might capture some best shots in that unpredictable moment. So go on!


3. Be Safe!
The most crucial thing on this list to be absolutely safe. You should always have all the safety measures list handy before you plan a shoot. Every thing should be ready with you before the newborn shoot starts. Many traditional poses are actually composites with safeguards and spotters in place so that baby is out of harm way. A person should always be just an arm distance away from the newborn baby posing.


4. Props- Your Best Friend
If you have a huge wardrobe filled with baby props, then you will have no idea where to start from at the time of the baby shoot. The very first thing to do is set a theme in your mind around which you will click the newborn. This way you can select the appropriate props required and carrying them with you will be a lot more easier too. Choose props that you feel will be comfortable for the baby to get wrapped in or easy to wear. And of course beautiful props on the baby do make a big difference in your pictures.



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