How exciting to share the first photos of your Newborn with the world ! 

Your Little one will only remain Little for first few days !

Don’t miss to document this fleeting time: New little fingers and Toes, Snuggles with Daddy, Tender moments with mama, and even siblings meeting for the first time!

Hire a Professional Photographer – during your stay at the Hospital ! 

~ Before these moments are lost in the fog of babymoon !

Newborn @ hospital Photography (0-3 Days)

Hire Ritika Sawhney for Newborn-Hospital Photography:

  1. She is an expert Newborn Hospital Photographer – Check out her Work! Super Adorable pictures of those special moments!
  2. She Knows all the details – Planning for the Shoot, lighting, complete shoot management, etc
  3. Very patient – gives ample amount to time to capture newborn’s special moments
  4.  She takes pride in providing superior client experience and  education
  5.  She helps Clients prepare with room settings, baby feed timing, clothing, lighting, etc.
  6.  She captures plentiful poses and different pictures such as:
    1. Tiny details of the Newborn
    2.  1st glance of the Mommy
    3. 1st touch of the Mommy
    4.  Newborn with daddy
    5. Family Photo 
    6. With siblings
    7.  Baby in Blanket
    8. Baby’s Emotions – Crying, Sleeping, Smiling , Yawning ……..
    9.  Baby Toes & Feet
    10.  Shoot from above